Muslim Writers Collective: Fasting and Furious

Lets talk about being HANGRY at the MWC Ramadan Iftar Open Mic, Fasting and Furious. 😠

Performers 🎭: At the event, be one of the first people to submit your name, you will then have 5 minutes to share your piece on the theme, Fasting and Furious. 📖

8:00 PM: Feed me
9:00 PM: Entertain me

Tickets 🎫: EVERYONE (including performers) must purchase a ticket in advance ($25) or at the door ($30). A small 💰 is required to sustain these events. ALL proceeds go towards event costs. 😊

  • Category: Ramadan 2018
  • Date: May 18, 2018
  • Location: Thoughtworks 99 Madison Ave, 15th Floor

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